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Lets start with some examples

We are committed to supporting all the developer communities and providing tools to encourage their growth. Our extensive sets of API documentation and examples are specifically built and curated to help you accelerate your own development. With the HERE Maps API you can now include maps that are fresh, accurate and reliable into your web and mobile applications. Before you start, you will need to sign up for an API key.

Basic Examples

Just learning the fundamentals of our JavaScript API? Click on “Basic examples” on the left menu to learn how to perform basic mapping tasks and functions. Get insight into how to add a marker to a map or how to retrieve routing instructions from point A to point B. The full HTML+CSS+JS content can be found on Github.

Advanced Examples

Need to learn how to load a KML file or how to create a custom marker? Click on “Advanced Code Examples” to learn how to use the advanced functionalities of HERE Maps API for JavaScript. Fork the example repository to extend your learning and send us a pull request if you want to contribute with your example.

Demo Gallery

Already used most of the functionality of our JavaScript API? Click on “Demo Gallery” to see how you can realize great map visualizations using the full potential of HERE Maps API for JavaScript. By forking the entire example repository you get access to all demo assets and community-built libraries. If you have also created some cool demo content or a useful library, just send us a pull to get it available on this page.